Development Strategy

Project in Weihai,Shandong

Weihai is a regional central city, an important marine industrial base and coastal tourist city in Shandong Peninsula of China, an important economic city around the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, a model city of China-South Korea Free Trade Zone, and a national civilized city.

The Project of BalletTown·Outlets Shopping Town in Weihai is located in the Nanhai New Area of Weihai, near the Xiangshui River in the east, across the Nanhai High School in the west, overlooking the Yellow Sea in the south, and facing the migratory bird resort in the north. The project area covers an area of about 540 mu, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, which is mainly composed of outlets shopping town, high-quality residential area, outlets business, outlets yacht wharf, hotel, fashion catering and other business formats, so as to create a new landmark of the new sea view mansion in Nanhai New Area of Weihai.

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