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2020 China Real Estate Overall Appraisal Conference | Zeng Xian, President of OUTLET (CHINA) was Invited to Attend


On December 8, a “2020 China Real Estate Overall Appraisal Conference” focusing on the new development of the industry was held in Beijing, which was held by China Real Estate News, China Real Estate Network, China Real Estate News New Media and China Real Estate Think Tank. The conference gathered more than 300 front-line experts, scholars, leaders and senior personages in the industry, which showed the professional discussions and views of outstanding representatives in various fields on the trend of the industry and enterprises in the new era, and gave an authoritative interpretation of the future development trend of the real estate industry under the double-cycle pattern through important forums such as leaders’ talks, dialogue on urban renewal, dialogue on industrial chain and cross-border dialogue.

As a special guest of the forum, Zeng Xian, president ofOUTLET (CHINA) expressed important views in the professional summit forum of cross-border dialogue.

Zeng Xian said that the outlets itself is a mode of returning to the essence of commerce and pursuing the cost-effectiveness of products, which makes outlets rise against the trend when traditional commerce is more severely impacted by e-commerce.



Zeng Xian said that during this year’s epidemic, China’s outlets market showed four characteristics:

First, after the epidemic, consumers felt more at ease with the block-style shopping environment of outlets;

Second, a certain degree of consumption degradation has led many consumers to abandon full-price commodities in malls and opt for discounted products from outlets.

Third, many Chinese cannot go abroad for shopping because of the epidemic, so they have turned to domestic consumption;

Fourth, many products cannot be exported due to the impact of the epidemic, so they need to be digested at home, and the business format of outlets is a very good channel for digestion. In addition, the internal circulation of China’s economy and the rise of fashion products with Chinese specific elements in recent years also make many domestic consumers more chase after domestic products, so the internal circulation is a very good outlets.

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