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Outlets Chengdu | The Promotion Meeting of Duofu’s Outlets Project in Chengdu was Successfully Held!


On December 21, the Chengdu outlets project team under Duofu Group came to THE headquarters of OUTLET (CHINA) to launch a colorful project promotion activity.


At the site of the activity, the project team from Chengdu, Sichuan, introduced Chengdu Outlets in detail and vividly, and presented exquisite gifts from the land of abundance, which was warmly welcomed by everyone.





Chengdu Outlets is an annual masterpiece jointly created by Duofu Group and OUTLET (CHINA) Limited. Located in the core key development area of Tianfu North Axis, Tianfu Avenue, and based in the northern center of the Tianfu Economic Circle, it serves more than 25 million consumers in Chengdu, Deyang and Mianyang and other surrounding areas.




With the integration of light luxury famous brands + sports flagship + catering popular online + parent-child leisure + multiple supporting facilities, as well as super first-class team, high-quality service, top hardware facilities and advanced design concept, it creates an international luxury gathering center of “urban micro vacation + full format experience”, establishes a new benchmark for cities in Southwest China, and fills the blank of internationalization, specialization and refinement of business in the north of Chengdu with a new attitude.


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